We Need To Talk About Erling Haaland

Seriously… What is Erling Haaland on?

Five goals in three Champions League matches.

Fourteen goals in eight Premier League matches.

Aggregate nineteen goals in eleven matches with Manchester City, one of the top clubs in the world with some of the top talent in the world playing against the top teams in the world in the best leagues in the world.

And yet, somehow, this 22-year-old, 6’4″ Norwegian workhorse is standing tall, tall, tall above the rest, and not just in terms of his stature, either.

Three days after scoring a hat trick against Man U, he bags two more in the UCL.

He’s proven himself to be the best goalscorer playing right now. Lewandowski, Messi, and Benzema all have an argument, but Haaland is undeniable.

How is it that the biggest target on the field continually finds a way to be unchaperoned in the box? Sure, many of his goals are taps in – but why isn’t someone else there to tap it in if it’s so easy?

At the mere thought of Haaland being nearby, this poor Copenhagen defender just taps it in himself.

This isn’t easy – but the kid makes it look that way because he’s something we’ve never seen before.

Keep your eyes on soccer’s newest blonde bombshell – we may be witnessing the rise of the goatiest GOAT of them all.

Featured Image: DALL-E 2 Generated Image/DM

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