My name is Daniell Marlow.

I am a freelance screenwriter and editor in Los Angeles, California. I was born in Atlanta and moved to Portland, Oregon, in 2018. I found a job with an artisanal chef who inspired me to move to LA and chase my passion of writing.

I have been freelance writing since 2018.  I write blogs, fiction, interactive fiction, and screenplays. As a blogger, I’ve had the opportunity to work with Buzzfeed, The Daily Hodl, ScreenRant, and FanBuzz. I’ve also started a soccer fan site, The US Guide to European Football. My first full-length interactive fiction titled Between Love and Loyalty was published in October 2022 on the mobile gaming app ‘My Stories: Choose Chapters’. I am currently working on my next script.

My goal is to bring audiences together, to surprise them, and to show them something new, but the same.

Check out my ScreenRantFanBuzz, and Buzzfeed profiles.