Why Lewandowski Couldn’t Score Against His Old Club – And Why Haaland Could

Robert Lewandowski struggled mightily in his return to Bayern Munich yesterday, proving that old teammates can be your worst enemies.

Bayern, anchored by brick wall goalkeeper Manuel Neuer, completely blanked Lewy and Barcelona in a thrilling end-to-ender.

With their 2-0 victory, the Bavarians ended Lewy’s streak of nine goals in five games.

How did a notoriously shaky defense shut down one of the game’s greatest scorers? Easy – they know Lewy better than anyone.

They say to keep your friends close and enemies closer. 

Well, Bayern has been playing the long game on this one. What better way to insult Barcelona than to create a goal-scoring machine only you have the key to and then sell it to them?

Neuer was able to seal every angle Lewandowski kicked at him. Munich’s defenders were more prepared than anyone after practicing against him for the last eight years. It’s no wonder Julian Nagelsmann knew how to stop him – he knows every move The Body can make.

While RL9 proved predictable to his old squad, Erling Haaland has defined himself as unpredictable, undefendable, and undeniable.

Borussia Dortmund managed to keep the Nordic Beast at bay for most of the game, but Haaland proved too much in the end, giving his new squad a winner against his old mates with less than 10 minutes to go. 

Just like Lewy and Bayern, Dortmund defended Haaland better than anyone else has this year. Opposing coaches are taking notes – this is how you neutralize these two massive threats. 

The only difference between Haaland and Lewandowski in these games is one high-flying leg kick, an unbelievable display of physical skill, and a top goal of the week, to be certain.

Featured Image: Pexels/Airam Dato-on/ManchesterCityFC/DM

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