Here are some screenplays I’ve written.

Some say television was my first love, but don’t listen to my girlfriend – she’s just jealous.

Freaky Furday

An animated sketch.

What happens when Andrea Freaky Fridays with her dog Avocado? The best weekend ever, that’s what.

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The Hero

Ep. 1, Pilot “Computational Irreducibility”
Original animated screenplay. Kelly’s anxious inability to live in the moment is preventing her from living her dreams as an author. One night, she’s visited by the ghost of her deceased hero and given magical creative powers.  Also, her cat is a mad scientist.

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The Christmas Shoes: The Musical

Musical Adaptation
Mama is sick and doesn’t have much time. Little Boy must try to buy her special shoes, but comes up just short. When he meets a Man with a heart of gold, his fortunes change forever. Based on the beloved Holiday song “The Christmas Shoes”.

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What We Do in the Shadows

‚ÄčSpec Script  – “The Cross”
Guillermo gives his powerful new apprentice more than she can handle. Nadja, Lazslo, and emasculated Nandor try to escape the basement. Colin is excited to learn about UberPool as he travels to Los Angeles.

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Bad Nurses

Original Comedy Pilot – “High is for the Hard Stuff”
A hard-partying nurse drags her timid roommate on law-breaking adventures as they navigate life in Los Angeles working at the competitive and wacky Hollywood Hospital.

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Fake Comedy

Original Sketch Comedy Pilot – “An Unmistakable Turkey”
Navigate a new world of comedy with this millennial sketch fest. Expect the unexpected and the painfully obvious. It’s the sketch show that 2020 forced. At least it’s not another podcast.

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More to come soon!