WATCH: Christian Pulisic Back in Action With AC Milan

Christian Pulisic is back on the pitch in pre-season training with AC Milan and damn, does Captain America look like he’s enjoying himself.

The First Avenger is cooking in Italy today, as evidenced by U.S.A.C. Milan’s most recent training videos.

Superior technique.

It’s great news for USMNT fans – our #10 is back where he belongs.

Those plans have taken effect IMMEDIATELY and boy, does our boy look happy about it.

AC Milan will be back in Champions League football next season, unlike Pulisic’s old squad.

Pulisic was so thrilled to get out of London that he even Facetimed his old UCL Chelsea connect, Olivier Giroud, to share the good news.

Don’t love the username, but what are you going to do?

This is only the beginning of Pulisic’s journey in Serie A. I can’t wait to see where he takes AC Milan next season. To the top of the table? To the Champions League final? To culinary school? Either way, if you want to watch it, you gotta get Paramount+ – no, this is not an elaborate ad for the CBS-owned streamer, but they’ve got the rights to Serie A and the Champions League, where you can watch Cap and the rest of the USMNT Avengers battle it out with the best.

And speaking of the best…


Oh, Messi. He’s just like us.

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