The US Guide to the 2022 FIFA World Cup – Australia

With the 2022 FIFA World Cup kicking off in 18 days, it’s time to explore the thunder from down under, the Socceroos of Australia.

Every day until November 20th, we’ll explore a different team represented in this year’s tournament, from Group A to Group H, including predictions about where they’ll end up.

Earlier today, we looked at France, our pick for World Cup runners-up. Today we’ll look at one of France’s Group D opponents – Australia. 


Group D

Nickname: Socceroos

Colors: Yellow, green


Coach: Graham Arnold (Australia)

Top Players: 

Poor Socceroos… Awesome nickname, but not a single player that we’ve heard of. Goalkeeper Matthew Ryan plays for Copenhagen, who technically participated in the Champions League this season. They’ve got a few guys in the English second-tier Championship, one in the MLS, and one in LaLiga, Cadiz’s Awer Mabil

Team History:

Qatar will mark the sixth World Cup appearance for the Australians. Their best result was in 2006 when they lost 1-0 to eventual champions Italy in the round of 16. The Socceroos are one-time Asian Cup champions and have won five of nine matches this year, though against much lower-level competition than what awaits them in Group D.

Tournament Prediction: Group stage exit.

Australia’s toughest competition will be Denmark and France, two matches the Socceroos will probably get 0 points from. Australia could tie, or defeat, or even lose to Tunisia – anyway it goes, it won’t be enough to survive Group D.

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