Overflowing With Quality – Top 5 Goals of Champions League Matchday 4

Christmas came early this week – matchday 4 of the Champions League group stage gave fans 50 goals in just 16 games.

Mohamed Salah scored the fastest hat-trick in UCL history in Liverpool’s 7-1 thrashing of Rangers, but it was Rangers who scored the best goal of the contest.

How are we supposed to narrow 50 down to 5?

We did our best to narrow 50 down to 5, so apologies to the rest – here are the top 5 goals of UCL Matchday 4.

5 – Mo Salah – Liverpool

Match: Rangers-Liverpool (1-7)

Salah’s third goal in six minutes (!!!) was his best, neatly tucked into the left corner. Sometimes, you’re just in the zone. Liverpool found that zone quick after going down early to Rangers.

4 – Robert Lewandowski – Barcelona

Match: Barcelona-Inter Milan (3-3)

Barca-Inter round 2 was wild, with four goals in the last 30 minutes. Inter’s head coach even got a red card right at the end, but it probably won’t be enough to save Barca’s UCL tournament.

3 – Chucky Lozano – Napoli

Match: Napoli-Ajax (4-2)

You do not want to mess with Napoli right now. They’ve scored 10 goals on Ajax alone in the last week, not to mention the four they scored in Serie A over the weekend. Napoli is the dark horse the UCL needed.

2 – Scott Arfield – Rangers

Match: Rangers-Liverpool (1-7)

Scott Arfield, who has nothing to do with Garfield, may have finished it, but this was a team effort for Rangers. Beautiful stuff – it looked like they would pull the upset 17 minutes in. Then Liverpool scored seven in a row, and that was that.

1 – Son Heung-Min – Tottenham

Match: Tottenham-Eintracht Frankfurt (3-2)

Sonaldo snags the top spot on one of our goal lists for the second time in a month with this smasher into the top bin. Sonny’s been on a bender lately, looking like his old self again just in time for the World Cup.

What is your top goal of the 50?! Sound off below!

Featured Image: DALL-E 2/UEFAChampionsLeague/DM

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