Get Hyped for the Greatest Holiday Season Ever With This USMNT 2022 World Cup Promo

Whatever you celebrate this holiday season, let’s celebrate the World Cup.

Fox, the official US TV provider for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, is stuffing fans’ stockings this morning with a celebrity-packed, USMNT-focused promo.

Jon Hamm, who’s doing a lot of commercial work lately, plays a sexy Santa, the one we all needed.

Notice the USMNT Christmas Sweater at the 0:25 mark – they are way, way fresher than the actual Nike jerseys and better be on sale soon.

Christmas hats off to the writers working “nutmeg” and “missile toe” puns into the script – you’re the real heroes.

We love the USMNT final supper scene. Maybe they can learn to pass that well on the field, too. (If this scene were more realistic, Berhalter would be at the head of the table, forcing everybody to sit in their least favorite positions.)

Jon Hamm-ta Clause sums up World Cup chances perfectly this year:

“The US winning it all would be a Christmas Miracle.”

Indeed it would, Don Draper… Indeed it would.

Featured Image: DALL-E 2 Generated Image/USSoccerFederation/DM

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