HOT TAKES: Five Knee-Jerk Reactions to the Abysmal USMNT-Japan Friendly

USMNT fans all over the country woke up early today and tuned in to a classic Berhalter blunder against Japan.

The US looked wildly unprepared for the upcoming 2022 World Cup in their Friday friendly against the skilled Samurai Blue.

The Stars and Stripes played 90 minutes of clumsy, lazy, and inept football in Dusseldorf, looking CONCACAF-AF during the entire embarrassing performance. 

Maybe we got the kits we deserve.

But the World Cup hasn’t begun yet – here are five things we learned from waking up early to watch the US vs. Japan friendly.

1 – This was just a friendly – it means nothing.

Well, it should mean nothing, but a loss like this might mean everything. The USMNT’s horrible game stats speak to a larger problem. This lack of effort and preparation reeks of major management issues. How can a team with so much European talent look so bad?

2 – This MLS All-Star defense will crumble under international pressure.

Why are Long and Zimmerman, two MLS oldheads, being trusted against non-CONCAFAC attacks? No disrespect to Japan – they are well-coach, disciplined, and have some real quality on their side. But if Long and Zimmerman can’t handle the Samurai Blue, they have no chance against Gareth Wales or Harry Kane.

3 – Zero shots on goal and losing possession 54 times in a half is unacceptable.

This is absolutely unacceptable for any professional soccer team. To expect the USMNT to go from this performance to somehow scoring (much less, winning) against England is ludicrous. Again, it speaks to poor management – this should be Gregg Berhalter’s last tournament at the helm.

4 – The Stars and Stripes are not ready for Wales and England.

These are our two biggest challengers in Group B. If we can’t get past them, we can’t get past the group stage. This US team is not ready to advance from the group stages. Especially not against a pissed-off England side playing for the Queen.

5 – It’s time for Berhalter to resign – we hear Thomas Tuchel is available.

Berhalter would never resign after a friendly loss, but after the US goes winless in the group stage, the USSF will surely be showing him the door. We appreciate you helping us get here, Gregg – but it’s time to let someone who knows what they are doing take over. How about someone with experience winning major tournaments? Doesn’t Pulisic have Tuchel’s number?

What did you think about the US performance against Japan? Sound off below!

Featured Image: Pexels/Pixabay/USSoccerFederation/DM

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