Tweet Dump: The US Guide to the Best Kits We’ve Seen All Season

In honor of this week’s embarrassing USMNT jersey drop, let’s take a moment to appreciate the coolest kits of the 22/23 season.

These are in no particular order and aren’t particularly directed at anyone in particular.

(Phil Knight, we know you’re reading this – take some notes.)

Athletic Club – Away 

Fun 90s pattern, smart coloring to keep it from being too loud – this is a cool away jersey.

Atletico Madrid – Home

The kits the USMNT should be wearing…

Venezia – All 

This is peak Italian footy fashion.

USMNT – Concept

Seriously, Nike – this Constitution third jersey is BITCHIN’. But it’s only a concept.

AS Roma – Third 

Fun colors, clean patterns – and look at the detail on the badge:


Juventus – Third 

Serie A is really leading the sport in fly kits.

Malaga CF – Away

Hear us out – we know none of you have heard of this team, but we have. Their pink, rose-themed away jerseys are absolute killers, and they aren’t advertising them enough.

All Adidas-Sponsored World Cup Teams

Adidas won this World Kit Cup competition by a mile before the thing’s even begun. Look at Mexico’s away jersey – it is undeniably awesome. WTF was Nike thinking?!

Liverpool – Away

Oh, here’s what Nike was thinking – “Let’s just give all the cool stuff to the Premier League.”

Tottenham – Third

Point proven. (Counterpoint – Tottenham’s away jerseys are worse than the US away jerseys.)

Norwich City – All

USMNT striker Josh Sargent is killing it in these fresh Canary kits, scoring six goals in his last six games.

Barcelona – Away

Classic gold from Nike, again only reserved for teams not called the USMNT.

Inter Milan – Away

Seriously, Nike… Just look at what you’re capable of.

Olympique Lyon – Away

Adidas is pretty fresh, though. The US should switch to the tri-stripes after this Qatar debacle.

How many more kits that are better than the USMNT kits can you find? Sound off below!

Featured Image: Pexels/Yogendra Singh/USSoccerFederation/DM

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