This Week in Dumb: Chelsea Chairman Pitches Premier League All-Star Game

Just one week after firing Champions League-winning coach Thomas Tuchel, Chelsea chairman Todd Boehly is back to making questionable calls.

At the SALT NY conference, Boehly pitched adding a Premier League All-Star game as a financial solution for lower-tier clubs.

The idea apparently has some financial merit to it. But as Boehly himself later recognizes, “there’s a cultural aspect that’s real,” perhaps the understatement of the week.

Premier League fans are already up in arms about American owners commandeering their beloved clubs, Wrexham FC supporters aside. Earlier this year, Man U v. Liverpool had to be postponed due to Manchester fans protesting the Glazer family, the team’s American owners who also run the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Todd Boehly owns the LA Dodgers, and if Chelsea doesn’t turn things around, he can expect similar treatments from the ultra-blues.

Pouring into the recesses of his genius, Todd suggested a bottom-four relegation tournament, further strengthening the argument that the baseball man is lost somewhere out in left field. His smugness says it all, and Men in Blazers summed up his stupidity succinctly.

Todd appears the fool so far in his short-lived Chelsea run – but will this real-life Ted Lasso have the last laugh? 

Boehly’s new coach Graham Potter will look to start his career on the right foot in his first Champions League match tomorrow against RB Salzburg at home.

Should we cut Boehly some slack? Sound off below!

Featured Image: Pexels/Ku2019LeAnn/ChelseaFC/PremierLeague/DM

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