WATCH: USMNT Middie Tyler Adams Teaching Defensive Masterclass in Premier League

With USMNT star Tyler Adams dogging Premier League attackers all season long, it’s no wonder the Premiership needed a break.

According to football stats aggregator PFF FC, Adams has the highest challenge grade in England’s top flight.

The accolade led to confusion among USMNT fans who agree that Adams is the best while being at a loss for what he is winning.

PFF FC defines a challenge grade as,

“Any time a player tries to win the ball off an opponent our Challenge Grade is comprised of all the +/- grades we give players

-Challenges from behind

-Dribbles against

-Shielding challenges

-Slide tackles

-Shoulder-to-shoulder challenges

-Standing tackles”

If you still don’t understand it (we don’t), check out this thread for more detail.

Adams has become a Leeds United regular this season, helping transform LUFC into America’s Team with HC Jesse Marsch and forward Brenden Aaronson. 

His playing time is reflected in his stonewall stats, proving the USMNT star to be one of the Premiership’s best defenders. Adams has the most successfully defended dribbles (11) out of any Premier League player this season.

Here are two examples of Adams’ defensive dominance from recent weeks.

Hustling in LUFC’s 1-0 loss to Brighton:

Adams massively haranguing Connor Gallagher in Leeds’ 3-0 upset win over Chelsea.

America’s Teamย won’t see action again until October due to the passing of the Queen. Look for Tyler Adams, BA7, and Jumping Jesse Marsch to take to the pitch again in early October against Aston Villa.

Featured Image: Pexels/Andrea Piacquadio/LUFC/USSoccerFederation/DM

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