FIFA 2023 Player Ratings – Five Players Tied at 91 + an 82 for Christian Pulisic

The annual EA Sports FIFA player ratings are here, prompting soccer fans worldwide to raise their collective eyebrows.

The classic video game franchise is loved for its attention to detail, and fans place a lot of stock in how FIFA rates their favorite players.

While leaks of the complete list are only rumors floating around the internet, EA Sports has officially released their top 100 players.

It’s getting chippy in the top five as a quintet of stars shares a rating of 91. USMNT and Chelsea winger Christian Pulisic is close behind with an 82, the highest ranked US player.

Here’s a breakdown of the top five plus Captain America.

5 – Lionel Messi – Argentina – PSG – 91

Though the GOAT has suffered drops in ratings in pace, dribbling, shooting, passing, and physicality since FIFA 22, Lionel Messi remains in the top 5. Undoubtedly, Leo had a rough rookie season with PSG, but keeping the Maestro near the top is the right call as he is finally playing like his old self again, settling into Paris and enjoying the French countryside.

4 – Kevin De Bruyne – Belgium – Manchester City – 91

KDB is a beast with City, picking out 16 assists so far in 2022, many to Erling Haaland. But even before Haaland’s arrival, KDB has been a City regular, a reliable starter, a clever passer, a subtle dribbler, and a sure shot in front of the goal. The Belgian midfielder can seemingly do it all, especially when he has weapons like City has. De Bruyne’s FIFA rating downplays his pace but gets his full 90 work rate just right.

3 – Kylian Mbappe – France – PSG – 91

Mbappe is so damn fast and talented, the 23-year-old French forward regularly makes his defenders’ heads spin. The FIFA score properly reflects his pace, offensive work rate, and shooting prowess. Like many other offensive stars, EA rates Kylian’s aggression as low. Could it be a common diva syndrome?

2 – Robert Lewandowski – Poland – Barcelona – 91

Lewandowski is a goal-scorer on a different playing field. He has an instinctual feel for the net, divining precisely where the ball will fall before anyone else. Even in miscalculations, his physicality allows him to beat most defenses to the ball, even when he’s double-teamed. The FIFA score did him dirty on his pace and shooting but nailed his high levels of aggression.

1 – Karim Benzema – France – PSG – 91

Karim Benzema has turned Los Reyes into the comeback Kings of Europe, leading Real Madrid to one of the most improbably Champions League victories ever this year. The French forward has been undeniable in 2022, always finding a way to lead his team at the last minute. Benzema deserves the FIFA Player of the Year award, the top rating in FIFA 23, and the Ballon d’Or. Though none of his individual stats are stellar, Benzema’s just got it, and FIFA gets it, too.

#1 USMNT Star – Christian Pulisic – USA – Chelsea- 82

Just missing the top 100 players is Captain America, Christian Pulisic, with a score of 82. His defense is pretty good for an attacking player at 37 (Benzema’s is 39), and his dribbling skill is suited for a score of 86. His pace and physicality could definitely improve this year as he finds his spot under new Chelsea manager Graham Potter. Though Pulisic has struggled this season, he still has all the tools to be a top 100 player.

Here are the top-rated USMNT players, according to FIFA:

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Featured Image: Pexels/Julia M Cameron/USSoccerFederation/DM

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