UEFA Champions League Title Odds – What Vegas Got Right and Wrong

Yesterday’s UEFA Champions League kick-off marks the beginning of an important American tradition – gambling on who’s going to win it all.

Paramount+, who has the rights to the UCL in the USA, recently shared the pre-tournament odds from the Ceasars Sportsbooks.

Man City (but mostly Erling Haaland) have the best odds once again, with reigning champs Real Madrid being given the fifth-highest odds.
Here is what Vegas got right and wrong about this year’s Champions League tournament.

Right – Erling Haaland is Man City’s cheat code.

Erling Haaland has scored 12 goals in seven games this season, or some crazy stat like that that’s probably even larger by the time this publishes. Nobody has an answer for Haaland yet – can Man City ride him all the way to their first UCL trophy?

Wrong – Liverpool has better odds than PSG.

Though Liverpool kicks off on the second day of group matches, they don’t look nearly as in form as PSG. Of course, form changes, and Liverpool knows when to come on strong (much like their partial owner, LeBron James). But for now, PSG looks more ready to carry the trophy than Liverpool.

Right – Bayern Munich has a better shot than Tottenham.

Led by head coach Antonio Conte and holding weapons like Harry Kane and Heung-min Son, Tottenham has a much better shot at winning it all than most people realize. Still, between the COYS and the Germans, the Bundesliga champs look more poised to take the crown.

Wrong – Bayern Munich has a better shot than Real Madrid.

These odds are surprisingly long on Real Madrid, the reigning UCL champions who still haven’t lost this season. Real Madrid has been an unstoppable train for the past few months, led by Vini Jr, Rodrygo, and Karim Benzema, the probable Ballon d’Or winner. Don’t count Real Madrid out – they’re right up there with PSG and Man City.

Right – Man City is the clear favorite.

It feels weird to keep repeating this phrase season after season, especially when Man City has shown an incredible propensity to drop the ball when it counts the most. All of City’s hopes seem to ride on the long back of their Nordic workhorse – can he make it to June without breaking?

Wrong – PSG isn’t the clear favorite.

Maybe the phrasing is a bit confusing here, so let’s be clear – PSG looks like a clear favorite to win it all. The Parisians look better than ever, finally ready to challenge for the title. This squad is maybe the only team more built for UCL glory than Man City and Real Madrid. If their stars stay healthy, PSG might finally become Champions.

What do you think Vegas got right and wrong? Sound off below!

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