WATCH: Adams, Aaronson, and Marsch Show Why Leeds United Is Still America’s Team

After shutting out a topsy-turvy Chelsea two weeks ago, Leeds United has come back down to earth in the Premiership.

On a three-game winless streak, LUFC fell 1-0 to Brighton and tied Everton 1-1 before imploding 5-2 to the Ivan Toney hat-trick-led Brentford Bees. 

Though Aaronson and Adams played well, a 5-2 loss still isn’t pretty. But despite falling from as high as fifth in the table to their current standing of ninth, Leeds United is proving they are still America’s team. 

Jesse Marsch still got that heart-shaped dog in his chest.

Marsch, as upset about Toney’s hat-trick as anyone, got himself thrown out of the match in just over an hour, far outlasting most American soccer dads.

It looks innocuous enough, but when you see it from this angle…

Well, who knows what colorful American expressions worked their way into Marsch’s discussion of the officiating’s possible misgivings.

But while Marsch was at least going down swinging, Aaronson got a song from the LUFC faithful.

Aaronson also got a compliment from the Brentford coach Thomas Frank.

“Aaronson – what a player, what a player, that’s a top buy for Leeds. So I think we defended that a little bit bad, but also credit to Leeds.”

Meanwhile, out in the junkyard, absolute dawg Tyler Adams was getting down and dirty.

Okay, maybe he got flipped onto his face like a bozo, but he got up quick! It’s clear and easy to read the Brentford player’s lips – he is not happy with his treatment from Adams.

Starting (but also kind of losing) fights, getting sent off, and receiving compliments from the other team’s coach – all CONCACAF-AF moves deserving of America’s team, Leeds United FC.

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Featured Image: Pexels/Pixabay/LeedsUnitedFC/DM

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