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GOSSIP: Could Ronaldo Really Wind Up at Real Madrid Rival Atletico?

The morning paper is full of hot gossip surrounding most people’s least favorite team, the eternally divisive Manchester United.

Man U might be the only team with more drama than Barcelona this offseason due to their half-assed rebuild attempt that has been an abject failure as they open the Premier League with two losses, 6-1 aggregate.

Portuguese striker Cristiano Ronaldo has wanted out of the club since the end of the last campaign. Ronaldo is 37, is still in peak athletic condition, and only wants to play Champions League football for the rest of his career. It’s a reasonable request for a GOAT candidate, but it doesn’t look like Man U will be back in the UCL anytime soon.

With the Red Devils performing so pathetically, Ronaldo and his people may resort to extreme measures to get out. There are now rumors that CR37 could transfer to Atletico Madrid, the second-biggest rival of his former club, Real Madrid.

The move would send shockwaves throughout the soccer world. Atletico Madrid president Enrique Cerezo has called such a move nearly “impossible,” probably due to the heated rivalry between Atletico and Real Madrid. However, with things becoming so improbable up at Old Trafford, the stars might be aligning for such a move.

According to ESPN, Manchester United, who is in desperate need of someone who can score, is looking south to the Wanda Metropolitano (probably our favorite stadium name). Manchester has now been linked with two Atletico forwards, Brazilian Matheus Cunha and Spaniard Alvaro Morata, who just returned to Atletico after being on loan to Juve for two seasons. If the Red Devils really want a striker who wants to be there, trading Ronaldo for Morata and Cunha might be the perfect move for both clubs. Atletico could rely on Ronaldo’s international teammate, Joao Felix, to ‘assist’ with the deal.

Of course, things are getting desperate in Manchester, so it’s impossible to tell where this saga will lead next. Struggling head coach Ten Hag is casting a wide net, hoping to find anyone who can find the back of it. 

Other possible transfers also include Barcelona’s Pierre Aubameyang and Leicester City’s Jamie Vardy, per ESPN. Both clubs would probably gladly take Ronaldo.

Whatever Man U does, they need to do it quick. The transfer window ends on August 31.

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