Soccer YouTuber Simulates World Cup 100 Times, USMNT Still Never Wins

USMNT fans can dream all we want to (thanks for the permission, we will), but high hopes won’t bring the Stars and Stripes any closer to a World Cup victory.

Soccer YouTuber Zealand recently ran a World Cup simulation 100 times on Football Manager and visited the boys over at Tifo Football to reveal the results.

The hilarious quiz-style guessing segment that ensued can be seen below – it may be 15 minutes, but it’s definitely worth a laugh.

Here’s what Zealand and Tifo Football learned from the experiment:

The USMNT made the World Cup 2022 final multiple times, though they never won it.

The US performed fairly well across the simulations, averaging second-place in group B with slightly over 4 points per sim. 

Saudi Arabia was the worst team on average.

Followed closely by the host country, Qatar.

Once qualified, Germany won the World Cup nearly 20% of the time.

The Germans have always been a force to be reckoned with, and Football Manager expects this year to be no different.

Spain, France, Argentina, and Brazil won between 12-18% of the World Cup simulations.

These squads are considered by most to be heavy contenders for the World Cup 22, so this should come as no surprise.

Football Manager predicts England, Uruguay, and Portugal all have a real shot.

One of these three teams won about 7% of the simulations. In real life, all three teams have incredible star power, and anyone could be a dark horse in Qatar.

What do you think of the simulation? Does the USMNT have a better chance than they’re given credit for? Sound off below!

Featured Image: Pexels/Pixabay/FIFA/DM

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