Tifo Football Tells the Truth – Did Qatar Really Build a Whole New City for the World Cup?

Tifo Football is explaining how a $45 billion master plan built Lusail City in Qatar, home of the 2022 World Cup final.

In a new video, the soccer explainer channel illustrates how the small fishing village of Lusail became the modern metropolis of Lusail City soon after Qatar won the rights to host the ’22 World Cup.

“Did Qatar really build a whole new city for the World Cup?

Well… Pretty much.”

Tifo explains that plans for Lusail City were first outlined in 2005, several years before Qatar officially launched its bid for hosting duties. 

The metropolis is meticulously planned and modern in the wealthiest sense possible. The sprawling port city is divided into business, entertainment, and energy mini-cities, housing attractions such as indoor snow skiing facilities, manmade white pebble beaches, two luxury golf courses, and an ultra-exclusive island complete with yacht clubs. This city is insane.

What’s even more insane is how the city was structurally conceived. Since Lusail City is modern in every sense of the word, city planners didn’t have to contend with years of old pipes to straighten out. They simply came in and installed their own.

“Lusail’s infrastructure is unlike most cities. Gas, electric, and water supplies are not just buried in the ground, but have their own dedicated network of tunnels, meaning that they can be maintained without disrupting the city above.”

According to Tifo, the newly-built Lusail Iconic Stadium will seat 80,000 fans and cost nearly a billion dollars to build. Whichever countries reach the final, you can expect the stadium to be at capacity. 

Unlike many World Cup host countries, it appears Qatar has an exit plan for Lusail City post-World Cup. The stadium will be halved in size and donated to the local community, which has grown to nearly half-a-million people.

For the love of the game!

Featured Image: Pexels/Aleksandar Pasaric/FIFA/DM

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