OPINION: Tottenham’s New Away Kits Just Might Be the Worst

Regardless of if you love Harry Kane, Son Heung-min, and the rest of the Tottenham Hotspur or not – you’re bound to hate these jerseys.

In a fitting loss to the much better-dressed Roma (Italian versus English style in a nutshell), Tottenham unveiled their new away kits, and they’re just awful.

Look at those things. Not even Kane and Son, two of the coolest strikers on the planet, can make them look cool. They look like all the worst jersey trends of the early-2000s, except excessively tight-fitting instead of excessively baggy. 

The black sleeves, that offensive blue, those damn stupid neon green accents across the chest matching with the way too damn loud neon green socks… Yuck

Here’s another example of how stupid they are.

Too bad the quote doesn’t match the jersey.

If you still don’t think they’re that bad, just watch below – they somehow look even more stupid on video.

They look like traffic officers and played like traffic cones – Tottenham lost the pre-season friendly 1-0.


Featured Image: Pexels/Pixabay/DM

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